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هذا ملعب المستخدم [[مستخدم:Mohammad Kamal Shady|Mohammad Kamal Shady]].
هذا ملعب المستخدم [[مستخدم:Mohammad Kamal Shady|Mohammad Kamal Shady]].
[[ملف:AdminDashboardAnnc.png|تصغير|350بك|تبويب لوحة الإداريين العام]]
'''لوحة الإداريين''' هي المكان المنشود لإيجاد الأدوات الرئيسية التي ستحتاجها لتشغيل الويكي. وهي تضع أهم [[مساعدة:صفحات خاصة|الصفحات الخاصة]] في متناول يدك.
== الوصول إلى اللوحة ==
لوحة الإداريين متاحة على كل الويكيات التي تقوم بإدارتها.
[[ملف:DashboardIcon.png|يمين|تصغير|إن كنت إداريًا أو مشرف نقاشات، توجد طريقة سهلة لإيجاد لوحة الإداريين بالضغط على الأيقونة المحاطة باللون الأحمر.]]
يمكن إيجادها بالضغط على كلمة '''الإدارة''' في [[مساعدة:شريط الأدوات|شريط الأدوات]] أسفل الشاشة أو بزيارة '''[[خاص:AdminDashboard]]''' أو by clicking on the dashboard icon located on the right side of your wiki's page tally. Non-admins and non-discussions moderators who try to access the admin dashboard will get a permissions error, instead.
== How it works ==
=== General tab ===
Important, often-used admin tools live on the '''General''' tab.
:[[Help:Theme Designer|Theme Designer]] — quickly and easily give your wiki a theme
:[[Help:Recent changes|Recent Changes]] — track the latest community activity
:[[Help:Navigation|Top Navigation]] — update your navigation bar
:[[Help:Wiki Features|Wiki Features]] — turn special features on and off
:[[Help:Community CSS and JS#CSS|CSS]] — opens a link to [[MediaWiki:Wikia.css|Wikia.css]] so you can add advanced styling to your wiki
:[[Help:ListUsers|User List]] — see a list of users in your community
:[[Help:ListUsers|User List]] — see a list of users in your community

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هذا ملعب المستخدم Mohammad Kamal Shady.

User List — see a list of users in your community
User Rights — give (and remove) special rights from members of your community
Community Corner — change the main site-wide message on your wiki
Help — get straight to Fandom's help pages
Announcements — send a message to recently active community members
All Categories – see a list of all the categories on your wiki
Add a Page, Add a Photo, Add a Blog Post – quickly add content to your wiki
Multiple Photo Upload – need to upload a lot of photos at once? Use this!

Advanced tab

The Advanced tab is home to the rest of the special pages, normally found on Special:SpecialPages. (If you visit a community that you are not an admin of you will see Special:SpecialPages in a more basic format.)

Quick Stats

Quick Stats lives on the right side of the Admin Dashboard. Here you can monitor your community's recent statistics. It shows page views, edits, and photo uploads for the past seven days.

Additionally, there is a link on the bottom of the module that leads you to advanced statistics on Special:Insights, where you can find information about infobox portability and more.


Dashboard Progress

A typical Admin Dashboard Progress module

On newly-created wikis, the Admin Dashboard is also a place to track your progress as you grow. It sets series of benchmarks to reach, giving you new ones along the way. If you aren't quite sure what things you should be doing to make your wiki a fun place, the Progress module can help!

Don't worry: the Admin Dashboard can't make you finish the tasks. They're just suggestions. And if you want to skip over a task, you can totally do that.

Of course, some wikis were created before this feature came along, and other wikis have already reached 100% completion of the tasks. So there are some wikis where this feature can't be found.

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